Scientists Create the Highest Quality Hologram Device Ever Made

Holograms. A staple of many science fiction movies (like Star Wars and Star Trek). A team of scientists at the Australian National University have just come one step closer – and soon may send messages to Obi Wan Kenobi.

This crew of researchers was able to make a hologram that’s giving the highest quality images.

The lead scientists from ANU said: “As a child, I learned about the concept of holographic imaging from the Star Wars movies. It’s really cool to be working on an invention that uses the principles of holography depicted in those movies.”

This research was published in the science journal Optica. The device is using “transparent metaholograms based on silicon metasurfaces that allow high-resolution grayscale images to be encoded.” Also, it is really small and it is made from hundreds of tiny silicon pillars, that are many times thinner than a human hair.

“This new material is transparent, which means it loses minimal energy from the light, and it also does complex manipulations with light,” said co-researcher Sergey Kruk. “Our ability to structure materials at the nanoscale allows the device to achieve new optical properties that go beyond the properties of natural materials. The holograms that we made demonstrate the strong potential of this technology to be used in a range of applications.”

This device can actually change the way we enjoy TV, documentaries, news…

And also, pretty soon we may be able to send messages that are able to capture emotion or urgency much better than any phone call ever could.


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