With a Whoosh, The Hyperloop Sets A New Speed Record

If you want to find out how does it feels like to have a ride in the amazing hyperloop that is going hundreds of miles per hour, you should definitely watch this video.

Just a week ago, Elon Musk’s Virgin Hyperloop One has set a new world record: it goes up to 240 miles per hour.

Just north of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, the engineers have loaded their 28-foot0long pod into a 1,600 foot long concrete test cube. This brand new airlock system has maintained the almost airless environment, which approximated the air pressure you are getting at 200,000 feet above. sea level.

Of course, if the air is thinner – there would be less resistance to overcome.

And then – Whoosh!

The hyperloop hit the top speed and broke the previous record in just few seconds. Of course, the previous records, that was at least publicly known, was set also by Elon Musk’s hyperloop this summer – at 220 mph.

A lot more needs to be done before you get to sit into the tub along with the pod, and of course – it’s still early to say if the hyperloop will work on an economical level. But that shouldn’t concern us now. These are concerns for the future – that with this new record – just got a little bit closer.


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