Someone Managed To Zoom In On The Moon And We All Feel A Little Bit Uncomfortable

For us, human beings, the moon is simply a circular piece of cheese that glows extremely bright in the night sky (and occasionally during semi-darkness hours). However, technology always goes ahead and now, in case you have enough cash, you’ll be able to purchase an amazing digital camera that can pass over the 239,000 miles between you and the moon so that you are able to take a selfie with it! Telescopes are now so overvalued.

Nikon released its COOLPIX P900 camera with a very powerful zoom, you’re able to observe craters on the surface of the moon. Let us remind you again that the distance from Earth to the moon is about 239,000 miles.

You’re able to see the real holes on the surface of the moon where it is often hit by asteroids and comets thanks to the camera’s 83x optical zoom. It’s so powerful you can actually watch the moon moves across the sky due to the rotation of the Earth. The second most impressive feature relating to this camera is that image is unexpectedly stable for this kind of extreme zoom.

If you don’t feel awkward enough yet, check out this video of the Moon zoomed in and moving in front of Saturn. The video has been recorded at the time that the Moon moves right in front of the ringed planet, in the end covering the sight of it.



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