A Woolly Mammoth Found in a Michigan Farmer’s Field


Two Soybean farmers in Eastern Michigan were digging deep into an area, intending to empty water, when, at approximately eight feet deep, they hit a substance which looked just like wood. Whilst the Detroit Free Press reports, they soon realized they’d struck perhaps not timber, but bone.

Can it be a dinosaur bone? They called the University of Michigan, who handed the information to Daniel Fisher, at the Museum of Paleontology. Once on scene, Fisher ascertained that it was not a dinosaur that the farmers had found-actually it was mammoth.

Mammoth skull and tusks being hoisted from the excavation pit. (Photo: Daryl Marshke/Michigan Photography)

Fisher along with his colleague had only a single day to uncover the bones of the mammoth, as the farmers needed to get on with their job, as stated by the Free Press. They could uncover a head, tusks, ribs along with a few backbones and the missing pieces may possibly have been withdrawn by humans who killed the creature for food.

There have already been 30 or so other mammoths found in the country, ” the Free Press announces; yet this particular one, Fisher told the newspaper, might be described as a Jeffersonian mammoth–a hybrid that isn’t quite a Columbian mammoth and perhaps not quite a massive, but still very large, very striking, and really not exactly what you do field work daily.



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