According To Science, She Has The Perfect Body

The English actress and Model – Kelly Brook, turns out has a body that’s perfect, according to science at least.

1. She’s One In A Million

University of Texas Scientists conducted a research where they asked the opinion of men and women asking what they consider to be a perfect body. The measurements which were ideal were 34-24-34 and turned out to be Kelly Brook’s build, and we all think that you’d agree is the perfect build.

2. No Contest

Each aspect was taken into consideration including hair, hips, waist, breasts and face. Kelly Brook won unanimously in every aspect.

3. Gorgeous

Still not convinced? Check out the pic below and see for yourself 🙂

4. Keeping it classy

As it turns out, people preferred a full figure woman instead of someone skinny, which apparently is a trend in today’s fashion industry.

5. Bombshell

And she also looks good in everything!

6. Perfect

Honestly, she looks best with minimal clothing on. And probably is the “perfect woman” of this generation.


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