Deep-Sea Russian Fisherman Takes Photos Of All The Weird Creatures His Trawler Pulls Up

You can now forget all those celebrities that you are following on social media because this obscure fisherman from Russia named Roman Fedortsov is the best! His Instagram and twitter pages are updated almost every day with some amazing and really bizarre deep-sea creatures he stumbles across. Most of these creatures are actually barely understood by science, but that doesn’t stop this man to get unprecedented access to this marine life through his work as a trawlerman near Murmansk, in the northwest of Russia.

So far, he has documented ghost sharks, sea devils, one eyed fish…

It is really hard to figure out if all of these creatures are very beautiful in a weird way or just downright ugly.

In this context, Roman once wrote: “No need to invent ‘Monsters.’ Nature has already done it.”

If you want the check out his profiles, this is his Instrgram and his Twitter.

Because these creatures had to adapt to live in conditions that are really different to land-based life, they seem to look pretty alien. In general, really small amount of sunlight penetrates beyond 200 meters, and by 1,000 meters there isn’t any light at all.

Also, it is quite obvious that most of the fish are actually red or black. It is like this because black won’t reflect the minimal light and therefore – this makes these fish invisible to predators. Also, red wavelengths of light doesn’t penetrate to the deep see, so all the red fish isn’t reflecting any light either.

We need to bear in mind that many of this deep-sea creatures are not looking so bizarre when they are in their natural environment. When some fish are brought to the water’s surface, because of the low pressure the body of the fish may distend and even their eyes can pop out. Actually, this is what happens to the commonly known – ugliest animal in the world called blobfish.


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