Life After Death? “It’s Quantum Information That Transcends From One World Into Another” Say Physicists

The University of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and physicist Sir Roger Penrose conclude that it’s information while scientists continue to be in discussions concerning what comprehension is. Penrose considers –he and his team are finding signs that “protein-based microtubules–also a structural component of human cells–transmit sensory information– information stored on a subatomic level.”

Penrose asserts that in case a person dies, this sensory information is discharged out of the microtubules and in to the world. If they’re resuscitated the quantum information is steered back to the microtubules and then that is what arouses a near-death encounter. “When they truly are not restored, and also the patient dies, it is likely that this quantum advice might exist beyond your human body, perhaps forever, as a soul.”
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich are in accordance with Penrose that the world that we live in is only our understanding and once our bodies perish, there is a force beyond infinite. Some think that consciousness travels into parallel universes after death.

“The beyond is now the unlimited reality that’s far bigger… which this particular world is rooted in. This manner, our own lives within this particular plane of existence are surrounded by the after-world already…Your human body dies but the spiritual quantum field persists. In this manner, I’m immortal.”

In “Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death,” Robert Lanza inquires does the spirit exist? He says we exist out of time and we’re immortal. Biocentrism postulates that distance and time are not the difficult objects we presume. Death doesn’t exist at a timeless universe. His scientific theory shows that passing is not the terminal event we all presume.
“There’s an infinite amount of universes, and exactly what may potentially occur does occur in some universe.”

Death doesn’t exist in any true awareness in these types of scenarios. All universes exist irrespective of what goes on in just about any one of them. Although bodies have been destined to self-destruct, the living sense—’The Who am I?’-is a reservoir of energy operating from mental performance. However, this energy will not disappear completely at death. Certainly one of the maxims of science is that energy never dies. However, does that energy surpass from one world into another?

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